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Ray Petty is a name synonymous with engineering excellence and the highest possible standard of craftsmanship. Ducati Multistrada owners now only allow RPM to maintain their motorcycles.

From regular oil and Desmo servicing to engine upgrades and rebuilds (things do happen, unfortunately), we have your Multistrada covered from start to finish. Using only genuine and OEM Ducati parts we maintain your motorcycle to the highest possible standards.

So what do you get when you come to Ray Petty Meccanica? You join a small band of discerning Ducati owners who trust us to cater for all of their requirements in a clean, safe and tidy working environment. As a cherished customer, we work with you in a trusting one-to-one relationship to deliver a customer service you may not find anywhere else.


Want to book a service, repair or reconditioning, or wish to discuss a custom build or restoration project, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Routine maintenance

of your Ducati

The routine maintenance or service of your motorcycle is all about prevention rather than cure. We see our clients mostly once a year, depending of level of use, for a scheduled service. If you use your Ducati for commuting or frequently for other purpose, we recommend that you bring it in at least twice per year.

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With knowledge and experience going back more than 35 years we know where to look and what needs to be checked before a breakdown or mishap occurs with your bike. Most of the time this means taking preventative measures on the known troublesome areas of your motorcycle.

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The way we

When a client comes in for a routine service of their Ducati we start at one end and work our way through to the other. Once we ascertain what needs doing we contact you and discuss your requirements. From our experience this is the best approach in servicing your highly prized machine. Your Ducati needs a great deal of care and expertise to maintain it in its optimal condition.

your Ducati

Part of owning a Ducati or other iconic motorcycle is to express your individuality. It is difficult to do this with a stock motorcycle. Most customers want to put their “mark” on their bikes through various ideas and accessories:

  • High bars
  • Low bars
  • Clip-ons
  • Spokes wheels
  • Cast wheels
  • Different paint works
  • And so on

Small changes
big impact

You can change the whole character of a motorcycle by just changing the handlebars and mirrors. Even other subtler changes can often make a big difference.

We know that manufacturers spend huge resources in research and development when bringing a new motorcycle to market therefore not all customisation ideas are good ones. Chopping and changing parts because you can does not always make a better motorcycle. It can become an unpleasant or even a dangerous machine.

When a client comes to us with their customisation ideas we give them the benefit of our experience. We can usually tell straight away whether an idea is going to work and can steer you in a direction where at the end of the process you will still have a functioning motorcycle.

We only fit
quality parts

When it comes to following through with your customisation ideas we only use parts of the highest specification. Your Ducati is a quality product so we only use top quality parts when we personalise your machine. For example, when we fit a new drive chain, we only sell top of the range DID chains. They are safe, reliable and last twice as long. This is of the utmost consideration when we work on your motorcycle.

We supply parts and accessories from Brembo, Rizoma and every other high-end Italian manufacture. Ray’s philosophy is, “I will only sell it if I would buy it for my own motorcycle, and I’m fussy”.


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